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Added: 10-11-2009
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BUY THE DVD NOW SEE THE CLIP RIGHT NOW BEST OF ARENA WRESTLING 1 3 BOUTS (Buy your DVD here) (BOUT 1: THE BROOKLYN BODYWRECKER VS. BRIAN BAXTER)... Brian was not afraid of the BBW's bad rep and intimidation tactics. He had reason to be but he wasn't. He said, "That shiny belt will look good on me". The dark-haired handsome Baxter appears in a red, white and blue USA jacket, second-skin singlet, and boots. As the BBW prepares for the match, which always requires a few minutes at least, the two wrestlers exchange insults and witty remarks. From the ringing of the bell, the BBW is all over Baxter. Brian is continually brutalized and battered. This whole series of nasty stuff culminates in a vicious corner "hangman hold". Brian is now softened up enough for a pin count of three, with none other than the BBW slapping the mat. In the second fall the BBW gets a nasty taste of those very muscular legs of Baxter. You scissors fans will go nuts as you watch these two exchange head and body scissors. Ball grabbers will also delight, as the BBW cannot ignore that huge mound jutting out from Brian's tight singlet. The BBW is a hard wrestler to beat, even if you have an advantage, because he is constantly thinking about and looking for ways, any ways, clean or dirty, of getting an advantage. At the top of the second fall the BBW continues to lay waste to Baxter. In between continued brutalization he slowly strips Baxter of his tight singlet, revealing a hot red thong. But Baxter is not down and he certainly isn't out. He has some fight in him. He puts the BBW through a series of incredibly debilitating scissors holds ending up in an Indian Death Lock. The BBW is in agony and submits, but Baxter, extracting some payback, asks over and over. Baxter is riding high. He comes out ready for a 3rd fall victory, but the BBW has other plans. Some tit work, some more balls squeeze, and all-out brutal wrestling suggest that the third fall is going to be a lulu. The viciously violent, sweaty and muscular vanish may leave you as exhausted as the wrestlers after this 50 minute plus matchup........................ (BOUT 2: BUDDY JUSTICE VS. RAW DEAL).... In town from the Boston area, Raw Deal, Kid Leopard's brother, was to take on the best of the BG West Coast talent. Emotions were high prior to the bout, as the locker room scene will attest. Buddy Justice and Raw Deal were at each other's throats. BG himself was in the locker room trying to restore calm. Sean Cannon and others were also there to separate the two grapplers. These emotions carried over into and out of the ring throughout the whole confrontation. Each wrestler, in the ring, won one fall. But in one of the nastiest outside the ring brawls ever, BG had to finally declare the match over with no decision. The wrestlers were body slamming into the furniture and walls, bashing chairs on to heads, and generally creating great mayhem. Finally the wrestlers were separated by those present, including Kid Leopard........................ (BOUT 3: KID LEOPARD AND KID VICIOUS VS. JOHNNY OLSON & DAVY DE ANGELO).... Those who have been longtime BG customers know that if you dangle the right kind of hot bodied, young rookie "baby-face" meat in front of Kids Leopard & Vicious, they will go to the lengths of the world to batter, bully, beat-up, trash, buffalo and otherwise have a great deal of fun the "Kid Leopard way". The baby-faces, wearing matching orange trunks and white boots, enter the ring first, stretch their muscles with a towel between them. With earnest faces and glowing optimism they are confident of victory. They cannot believe that with their strength, muscled bodies, geat endurance, and hold knowledge that they can possibly lose to these "kids"! Enter Kids Leopard & Vicious. An all-knowing smirk comes over KL's face. He's looking at these "baby faces" like they are sharkmeat. (Neither of the rookies know it just yet, but they are). Once the match gets started the rookies give the "Kids" a wrestling lesson. This bolsters their confidence of winning this bout even more. At one point, as Kid Vicious is suffering from a continuing series of wrestling holds, he grabs Davy's long hair and backs him into the "Kids" corner. It's all downhill for the rookies after that. Backbreakers, boston crabs, face mat smashes, stomach punching, corner workovers, giant swings, and on and on and on. The "Kids" take their time working over the rookies. For those into seeing hot handsome muscled baby-faces get it good from ultimate villains, this matchup is a must have.
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